How to Use Free Internet On UFONE Sim By Zeher Hassan

So we all love the internet and sometimes we wish to use free internet as well. Sounds funny but its possible. There are some methods to get free internet too. So in this article you will learn how you can use free Internet on Ufone sim.

How to use Ufone Free Internet

First of all you need to have to Ufone sim card in order to use Free internet. So there are two latest ways to use free internet on Ufone sim.

  1. Use VPN on Ufone Sim for Free
  2. Use My Ufone App for Free Internet MBs

The above methods are tested and its working as well. So next we will talk about how these methods work.

How to Use VPN On Ufone Sim

Everyone knows how to use VPN but in this case you need some information.

  1. Download SKY VPN on your mobile
  2. Open that VPN with internet and load their servers
  3. First time connect that VPN On internet sim
  4. Select any suitable server and hit connect
  5. Then switch your internet to Ufone sim
  6. You must have sign in to network notification on panel
  7. Click on connect and that’s it you are using free internet on Ufone sim
  8. This method is tested and its working still

The above method is helpful for every Ufone user. Test it and let us know your feedback.

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How to Use My Ufone App for Free Internet MBs

Currently there is method of My Ufone App is working. You can get 3000 MB Data on ufone sim for free. All you have to do is just follow the steps and get that MBs for free.

  1. Download My Ufone App from given link below
  2. Open it and login your account
  3. Go to Exclusive For You Section
  4. Click on Astola X Zeher Free 1GB Offer
  5. Click on Subscribe and that’s it
  6. The offers how 3 times it means you can get 3GB for week
  7. This offer is valid on All Ufone Numbers

Click Here to Download My UFONE App from Astola X Zeher 

The above method is working on all Ufone sims you can easily get MBs for free and instantly.

The features of this MBs are given below.

  1. Internet Data (3000 MBs)
  2. Validity (7 Days)
  3. Usage (24 Hours)
  4. T&C Applied
  • Follow us for more best internet packages and more. provides you the best authentic news from the authentic sources. The above methods we have shared with you are working perfectly this time. If you have any question let us know in the comments.



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