Change Tariff Plan on UFONE Sim From My Ufone App


Ufone is a Pakistani ISP Company with over 10M Active subscribers. Company provides best internet and calling packages to their customers. Sometimes companies provide tariff plans to enjoy the offer packs. So today we are going to talk about how you can easily change your tariff on Ufone sim.

Benefits Of Changing Tariff Plan on Ufone

When you migrate from one to another plan on Ufone. You will get exclusive rewards and gifts from Server. For example if you are on U Power plan and lets suppose you have migrated on U won Plan you will get free Internet MBs and Calling services.

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How to change Tariff Plan on Ufone?

A simple and easy method is to change your plan from My Ufone app. Follow the steps and change that plan. The main purpose of changing plan is to change the Internet and Calling services.

  1. Download My Ufone App From Google Play Store
  2. Go to my Ufone App
  3. Sign in your number
  4. Scroll on footer tab
  5. Click on Tariff
  6. Select your tariff you want to change
  7. Click on migrate
  8. That’s it your plan will change in 1 minute or less
  9. You must have 12Rs PKR Balance in your sim
  10. T&C Applied

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How to Use HTTP Custom on Ufone Sim

Well the above method is to change your plan if you are facing 302 error or not connecting error. To use the http custom on Ufone you must change your plan if you are facing any problem. Lets see how you can use http custom on Ufone.

  1. Download HTTP Custom from Google Play Store
  2. Download .HC file for Ufone
  3. Open http custom and click on + icon
  4. Click open config
  5. Find that config you have downloaded earlier
  6. When you click on that config the file or config will successfully import
  7. Click on connect and that’s it you are good to go

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