ZONG Open Tunnel File Guide 2023

The most searched term on Google from Pakistan is ZONG Open Tunnel. In this article we will discuss the reality of this term so let’s begin.

What is ZONG Open Tunnel?

The term ZONG Open tunnel is a method to use Free Internet on ZONG Sim. Word Open Tunnel is a VPN used for Free internet using different SSH Protocols. In this scenario peoples use SSH Drop Bear Protocol to get access to internet using Social MBs like WhatsApp or Facebook. Let’s see how this thing works and is it legal or not.

Is Accessing Free Internet using Open Tunnel is Legal?

Well this question is tricky and we will explain this in two parts. The first one will be Social MBs and the second is Open tunnel.

Using Social MBs to Get Internet

So all ISP’s provides Social Packages and they offers a specific usage for Social network like Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok etc. in this case the person who wants to access all internet like surfing on Google, YouTube, etc. The person who is trying to access internet through ZONG Open Tunnel needs a VPN called Open Tunnel or Similar VPN’s which works on SSH Protocols.

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Open Tunnel for ZONG

As I said the VPN Provides different protocols like SSH, WEBSOCKET, DROPBEAR, Etc. In this scenario the protocol SSH DROPBEAR is used. First you need to have social MBs and second you need a file to import it in Open Tunnel VPN. When you import that file into VPN and connects. The VPN will give’s you access to all internet.

How to Create Open Tunnel File For ZONG?

The following is the method to create File for ZONG Open Tunnel.

  1. Go to any SSH Account Provider Website like opentunnel.com.
  2. You will be asked which protocol you want to use
  3. We will use SSH Drop Bear
  4. Create Account and save it anywhere
  5. Go to Open Tunnel VPN
  6. Paste all the information you copied earlier
  7. Information includes SSH Host, Port, Username, and Password
  8. So the main thing is Payload in this method
  9. Payload will give you an access to all internet
  10. I am not giving any Payloads here for my Safety
  11. When you done creating file all you need to just click on Connect and that’s it Now you have access to all Internet.
  12. The MBs you are using can be consumed as Social MBs from Your Account

This is the way you can use All Internet using your Social Package or MBs.

Is ZONG Open Tunnel is Legal?

as I said as long as you are using for just accessing Internet in my opinion it’s legal. But if you are accessing for any Illegal purpose you are responsible for your actions. The company knows what their users wants to use so that’s why they are not going against this.

Some Good ZONG Social Packages

The most famous Social Bundle for this is Facebook, and WhatsApp Bundle. This social package provides you access of Social Apps.

The details of package is given below.

Package Name ZONG Monthly Social
Price Rs 290
Validity 30 Days
Usage 12GB ( Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo,
Dial Code *6000#

ZONG Monthly Social Gives you 12GB Internet only in Rs:290.


So far we have discussed all the ups and downs for this Term. So let’s talk about what is my opinion on all this. If you are from middle class you need to access internet and this is the basic human rights now days. But the problem is the internet packages are so costly these days. Everyone can’t afford this so that’s why peoples use this method to access internet. And I think its your right to use and experience this.

I would love to read your lovely feedback so don’t be shy write down your opinions in comments.

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