Top 5 ZONG Free Internet VPN

Top 5 ZONG Free Internet VPN in 2023

The term ZONG Free internet gets so much attention these days but the Question is that It really works? Or not. This article is all about How to use ZONG Free Internet VPN in 2023.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN mainly used for accessing blocked sites and also used for Extra Security Layer of your internet. But in our case we are talking about Free Internet VPN so lets talk about this how this thing actually works.

What is ZONG Free Internet VPN?

When any ISP zero rates any website it can accessed for Free. So we can use it to get information or get benefit from that site. In this case we use zero rated site to get access to internet. We use that site in VPN and Connect it to SSH Protocol. There are many Famous VPNs like HTTP Custom, Open Tunnel, Ev2ay, and many more. We use HTTP Custom VPN for Free Internet.

How to use HTTP Custom VPN?

To use HTTP Custom VPN you need to understand how this VPN works. There are may protocols provided in HTTP Custom like SSH, WEBSOCKET, V2RAY. We are using SSH Protocol for ZONG FREE INTERENT VPN. First thing first the below are the keys to understand easily.

  1. Get SSH Account from any SSH Provider Website like
  2. Paste all the details in HTTP Custom
  3. SSH Host, Port, Username, Password
  4. You’ve done pasting them now its time to add proxy
  5. The proxy in this case is our Zero Rated Website lets say is out proxy
  6. We add in proxy section and add port which will be 80, 443, or 8080
  7. Now we simply click on Connect and that’s it Now we can access all internet using our Zero Rated Website

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What is ZONG Free Interne File?

So we’ve learned how Free internet works. But many peoples are not willing to create an account or setup them that’s why they are searching for File. When we done setting up a VPN we can save that information as file and share it our friends. Below is the guide of How to export File From VPN

  1. Click on 3 Dots in the Left side of HTTP CUSTOM
  2. Click on Export
  3. Give that file a name and just simply Export it
  4. The file is saved In You’re your mobile storage
  5. Share it with your Friends so they can also use it

Is it safe to Use ZONG Free Internet through VPN?

You can use it as long as you are not doing any illegal stuff. Just simply follow the above steps and use it. Am sharing some Working Files for ZONG FREE INTERNET VPN below. Just download them and import them in your VPN.

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How to Import Files in VPN?

The simplest way to import it by downloading them and click on import button

  1. Go to 3 Dots in HTTP Custom
  2. Click on Import
  3. Navigate to that directory where you downloaded the File
  4. Simply click on that file and that’s it you’ve done importing
  5. Now click on Connect

What are the top 5 ZONG Free Internet VPN?

There are many but am sharing some working VPNs for you

  1. Wire Tun
  2. Apna Tunnel
  3. Ha Tunnel
  4. Stark VPN
  5. Apna Tunnel Lite

These are the VPNs which provides you a pre made files you don’t have to create any file.

Note (These are the working VPN and if I find other’s I will update this article ASAP.)

This is the way you can you Free Internet on Your ZONG Sim.

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