List of Zero Rated Websites Updated

What are Zero Rated Websites? How to Use Them Accordingly

Using Zero rated website is very common in different countries of the world. If anyone cannot afford package they can use zero rated websites to stay updated with the current affairs and news. This article covers How Zero Rated Websites actually works. So lets get started.

What Are Zero Rated Websites

When any Website or Any App is accessed without internet package on any ISP that means the App or Website is zero rated on that ISP.

Many Big ISPs provides Zero rated Sites to their users to enhance their online experience. The famous Zero rated almost all Internet companies provides is you can access this website for free it doesn’t matter if you have Subscribed any internet bundle or not.

This website provides Free Facebook, Weather updates, entertainment, News and Website is owned by Facebook.

Why we use Zero Rated Websites?

The main purpose for accessing zero rated websites is to stay updated. Many Companies like Jazz provides multiple websites access without internet package.

Another reason of accessing zero rated websites is to get information of social networks and social affairs.

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Why Companies Zero Rates any Website or App?

The reason behind this is very simple whenever any Company wants to promote their website or their app.

They go to any ISP (Internet service provider) and they will ask them to promote their website/app and that’s why we see websites working without internet package.

Another reason to provide zero rated sites is to Grab customers and get impressions from peoples. If they like any brand they will definitely but their products.

List of Zero Rate Websites in PakistanList of Free Zero Rated Websites in Pakistan

Below is the list of All ISPs providing Free access to bunch of websites. These websites can be accessed without any cost your data package cannot be consumed.

  1. Jazz Zero Rated Websites List
  2. ZONG Zero Rated Websites List
  3. Ufone Zero Rated Websites List
  4. Telenor Zero Rated Websites List

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are zero-rated websites?

A: Zero-rated websites are online platforms or services that can be accessed without consuming a user’s data allowance or incurring additional data charges.

Q: How do zero-rated websites work?

A: Zero-rated websites are made possible through agreements between internet service providers (ISPs) or mobile network operators (MNOs) and specific websites.

These agreements exempt the data usage associated with accessing and using the designated websites from counting towards the user’s data plan.

Q: Are all websites zero-rated?

A: No, not all websites are zero-rated. Zero-rating is typically implemented for specific websites such as education, health, or social media.

Q: Do I need a special data plan to access zero-rated websites?

A: In most cases, you don’t need a special data plan to access zero-rated websites.

Q: Can I access zero-rated websites from any device?

A: Yes, zero-rated websites can generally be accessed from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, as long as you have an internet connection.

Q: Are zero-rated websites available worldwide?

A: Zero-rated websites may be available in certain countries or regions where ISPs or MNOs have implemented zero-rating programs.

Q: Can I access the entire internet through zero-rating?

A: No, zero-rating typically covers only specific websites or services that are part of the program.

Q: Are there any drawbacks or concerns associated with zero-rated websites?

A: Yes, there are concerns regarding net neutrality and equal access to the entire internet. Critics argue that zero-rating can create an uneven playing field by prioritizing certain websites, potentially limiting users’ exposure to diverse online content.

Q: Can I rely on zero-rated websites for all my internet needs?

A: Zero-rated websites often offer limited content or services, focusing on specific areas such as education, health, or social media. But they would not cover all your internet needs.

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