Top 3 Best Offline Games For PC You Must Try in 2022

Well Today Generation love to play online games on mobile and computer. But today we will share some best Offline Games you have to play if you are a gamer and you love offline games. All the games are supported on low end pcs. so lets get started.

Top 3 Best Offline Games

All the games mentioned here are free and easily can be downloaded from google. You can download these games and enjoy them on your computer.

  1. GTA Vice City

A popular and Record Setter game released in October 29,2022 for windows. this game has very huge fan base in all ages. It has large map and large amount of missions. When you pass the missions and the level can be unlocked and you will Get money in $ form.

GTA Vice City

System Requirements 

  1. Your system must have at least of 256 mb of ram.
  2. At least of 250 MBs of graphic memory is required.
  3. Disk have 2 GBs of free memory for installation.
  4. Windows XP or higher version is required for this game

This Game is 1.5 GB download size and after installation it requires 2gbs of disk space.


This game has variety of features we will discuss some of them.

  1. This game has long map and you can easily unlock it after each level
  2. Weapon shops are available in every where you can see them in maps too.
  3. Tommy is the main character in this game
  4. Tommy has his own hotel
  5. You can steal the car in the game and drive it
  6. This game has another feature of cheat codes you can activate them by typing any of them we will discuss some of the famous codes next.
  7. You can easily switch the weapons from your keyboard.
  8. Another best feature of this game is it has the Jump Reward option you can jump from top of the buildings and earn the rewards.
  9. You can see the missions locations in the map
  10. If you break the rules of the games cops will find you put you in the cell.

Famous Cheat Codes Of VICE City Game

These are the some popular codes for GTA vice city

  1. ASPIRINE this code will restore the health of the character in the game
  2. BIGBAND this will blast all the vehicles in the game
  3. LEAVEMEALONE this code will help you get ride of Cops.
  4. GETHEREVERYFASTINDEED this code will gives you the fastest card of the game
  5. SEAWAYS this will helps you to drive in the water

We hope you will like the game.

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  1. GTA San Andreas

Another best of rockstar games is GTA San Andreas and this game is very popular in the world. Peoples from all ages has played this game. We will discuss some best features and system requirements of this game. So lets get started

GTA San Andreas

System Requirements

  1. CPU Pentium III or above
  2. Window XP/2000 or above
  3. GPU at least of 64 mb
  4. Ram 256 MBs
  5. DISK Space 3.6 GB for installation

Best Features of GTA San Andreas

  1. This game is from Rockstar Games
  2. Player can drive a vehicle
  3. You can unlock levels by completing missions
  4. Game has very good graphics
  5. You can Drive Heavy vehicles
  6. All the missions can be unlocked in the game

We hope you like the GTA San Andreas

  1. GTA V

GTA V is also known as GTA 5 is very popular all around the world. This game is released in September 17,2013. This game is very popular among the streamers and on all the video sharing platforms. You can play this game online and offline. Soo we are going to talk about how you can play this game offline. So lets get started


System Requirements For GTA V

Well this game is for little bit high end PCs but you can play it low end PCs too.

  1. PROCESSOR: GTA V requires inter 4th Gen processor
  2. OS: this game requires window 10 64 bit
  3. Ram at least of 4GB ram is required to play GTA 5
  4. Graphics: well this is the main thing to play GTA 5 you have at least of 2000 MBs of graphic memory. And Inter Graphics 4th Gen
  5. Storage: you need to have 100 GBs free disk space in your computer.

Best Features of GTA V

Well GTA V has very long list of best features but we will discuss some of the top notch features of this game

  1. This game can be played in online and offline
  2. This game is very much popular in the world
  3. You can do some best funny entertaining things in this game
  4. You can paly with your friends in this game
  5. Best Cars exist in this game
  6. The map is very big you can play this game all day
  7. You can drive the Best cars and other vehicles
  8. If you have completed all the missions then you can play the online version of this game
  9. This game has many mods versions too you can download them from steam
  10. You game progress is saved in your computer
  11. You can play all the modern games in this game
  12. You can go to space and explore the space
  13. You can fly the airplane in this game
  14. Also you can watch the movies in this game like you do in your daily life
  15. You can purchase the weapons in this game from the store
  16. You can build your own house
  17. You can repair or customize your cars
  18. You can Buy property in this game
  19. you can visit so many places in this game
  20. you can easily switch the weapon in this game
  21. the game character burn things in the game and this makes game so interesting
  22. You can switch the the game character
  23. this game has 3 main characters Michael, Trevor, Franklin
  24. all the character has their unique ability to do things

You can do so much in this game so you have to try this game and let us know how you feel after playing this game. And last but not the least you can download this game from google and steam of online gaming stores too. So enjoy these games and keep visiting the to get more interesting games information.

All the information in this article is legit and accurate.

This article is written by Zeher Hassan

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