Best Online Games in 2022 for android

Top 3 Best Online Games For Android You Must Try in 2022

The gaming industry is growing day by day. Online games are the reason that everyone is playing the games in today generation. In this article we are talking about some of the best online games you should try In 2022. These games are single and multiplayer games. These games are famous in all around the world. Gamers are enjoying and earning money through these games.

Top 3 Best Online Games You Should Try in 2022

Well we are talking about some of the best games of 2022. All the games are available on Google Play Store you can easily download them on your mobile.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Well PUBG mobile is so popular in all ages. Peoples love to play these games with their family friends. The PUBG mobile is released in 2018 by Tencent Games. Now Krafton is handling the game. The headquarter is in Singapore. The PUBG mobile is available in all countries but some of the countries has banned this game in their country. In India this game is banned by the government but later Krafton has launched the Indian version of PUBG named BGMI ( Battel Grounds Mobile India). There are rumors that government has again banned this game because of some reasons. We hope BGMI will be back soon. So we are talking about some best features and game system requirements and download size.

System Requirements

Well this game is made for low end and high end devices you can play this game in 2GB Ram mobile too.

  1. Android 8+ is required for this game
  2. Minimum of 2GB Ram is required to run this game
  3. You must have 4GBs of disk space free in order to install this game in your phone
  4. You must have Facebook or twitter or Facebook account to login in this game

Best Features of PUBG Mobile

  1. You can play with your friends family and make new friends in this game
  2. You can play multiple moods in this game like arena, ranked, easy mood
  3. There are different maps available in this game so if you get bored you can enjoy other maps
  4. There are many events in this game you can win the prizes and use them to get skins cloths or game currency
  5. You can find your friends by their name of character id
  6. You can send gifts to your friends in the game
  7. The best feature of this game is you can talk to your friends and discuss things
  8. This game has training mood you can train yourself to be the best player of this game
  9. You can talk to the world through world chat in this game and make new friends
  10. This game has royal pass you can purchase through the google play store and get free skins and free outfits and free game currency

We hope you will enjoy this game and play this game with your friends and of course make new friends.


  1. Call Of Duty Mobile

Well friends this game is released for windows first but later Activision (Game Developer) has announced that they are releasing this game for mobile devices. Call of Duty Franchise has very huge fanbase from all around the world. This game becomes popular on android users in 2019 when this game was released in Google Play Store. This game has highest downloads in play store.

System Requirements for Call Of Duty Mobile

This game is for high end devices operating android 10 or above OS.

  1. This game requires 2GBs of ram for smooth work
  2. At least of 4GB disk space is required to install this game in your mobile
  3. For android devices android 10+ is required to run smooth
  4. For apple devices Iphone x or above devices supported by this game

Call of Duty Mobile Features

Some of the best features of Call of Duty mobile are below.

  1. You can play this game on mobile for free in HD Quality
  2. You can customize your layout
  3. Loadout can be changed in the game setting
  4. You can change graphics of this game according to your device
  5. This game can be played as competitive and social
  6. The game mood can be changed
  7. There are some best maps for your choice are available in this game
  8. You can chose complexity of this game for your choice like easy, hard, complex
  9. This game is so popular before the mobile version. When the mobile version was released this makes the game so much popular in the world because this mobile version is free to play
  10. You can download this game in the google play store and apple store

We hope you will enjoy this game. Share this post with your friends who wants to know the best online games in 2022

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  1. PUBG Mobile Lite

No Doubt PUBG Mobile is so popular game in the world but when it comes to device compatibility PUBG mobile can’t work properly on old devices. So Tencent Games decided to release the small size game and similar to PUBG. So PUBG Mobile lite released in 2019. And guess what this game becomes so popular for old devices under 2GB Ram. So this game has some similar features like PUBG Mobile. We will discuss some of them in this article.

Pubg Mobile Lite

System Requirements For PUBG Mobile Lite

As I said this game is for low end devices so you can play this game in old devices like Samsung Motorola or other low end devices.

  1. This game requires 1GB Ram to work smoothly on any device
  2. This game has lower download size under 700 MBs
  3. This game requires 1GB of free space to download it on any device
  4. This game works with lower graphics

Best Features of PUBG Mobile Lite

This game is similar like PUBG Mobile but some unique features makes this game so interesting.

  1. This game has smaller size of maps and download size
  2. This game is single and multiplayer
  3. This game has Battle Coin (BC) Currency in game
  4. You can purchase the Winner Pass and get free weapons skins and free outfits and of course vehicle skins
  5. This game is 60 player battleground game
  6. This game has arena mode so you can play it and work on your game skills easily
  7. PUBG Mobile lite is optimized for almost every device
  8. You can change the graphics according to your device
  9. This game has smoot HD and HD Plus graphics
  10. This game gives to same battle royal experience like PUBG Mobile or other Battle Royal games

If you have played this game and like the game you can tell us in the comments. Follow for more interesting games reviews.

All the information above is accurate and legit. Article written by Zeher Hassan.

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