PUBG Lite 0.23 Update Features and Winner Pass Update

PUBG mobile lite 0.23 update has roll out in Mid December 2022. In this article we will discuss some of the best features of this update. All the updates are available on Google play store. Krafton has announced that they are releasing more updated versions in 2023. So all the PUBG lite fans get ready for this.

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PUBG Lite Update Features

Let’s talk about some of the best features of this update

1.       Game Size

the game size has decreased to 750 mb you can download it from google play store or any apk downloading website

2.       Maps

The update has no any new maps in it. All the old maps are still in the game. 2 TDM maps and 2 Classic maps.

3.       Server Update

The best feature of this update is server option. The setting for server change can be accessed in the setting of the game. You can change your server to Asia, Europe, South America. If you want to change server keep in mid that you can’t change the server for next 14 days.

4.       Winner Pass

As you all know we love to buy a winner pass in PUBG lite game. So we can collect Premium Outfits and Skins of the Guns and Vehicle as well. But in this update PUBG lite has scammed us in the name of 50 RP. The main thing which I have realized is if we do a missions on daily basis we only hit 30 RP missions in the end of the month so we have to buy the remaining RP missions. One more thing is very sick is that when we do all missions in RP we will receive 280 BC. But this update has ruined our dreams and we only get 120 BC with 30 RP Missions.

5.       Graphics

This update has HD+ Graphics for high end devices you can switch your graphics to HD+ if you  have high end device. The look after switching the graphics is realistic.

6.       How to download PUBG Lite for all devices

If you want to download the game for all android versions you have to visit google play store for downloading game or go to for download this game. The game package file has APK + OBB file in it. You have to extract these files in order to install this game in your mobile.

7.       Conclusion

If you want to purchase the Winner Pass in PUBG Lite “Don’t Buy It” this is my opinion if you still want to buy this you will lose all your money for sure.

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