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ZONG 4G CVM Bundles & Subscribe Codes 2023

Well sometimes we get exhausted to buy an internet packages that why we will start finding a way to get some internet for free. So today lets talk about how you can actually get free internet on any ISP network. First of all you have to understand this these codes might work or not on your sim. So it all depends on your luck.

ZONG CVM Internet Packages

So the highest internet speed provider in Pakistan is absolutely ZONG Super 4G. there are many good packages ZONG Provides to their customers. Some of the packages are cheap ad affordable and some of the packages are very costly. So Zeher Hassan is here to help you and give you some working codes that can work on your Sim and you can enjoy free internet.

  1. ZONG 4G CVM Offer

You can get 10 GB Flat data for internet only in 10 rupees. That right its true you can get 10 GB data only in 10 rupees on your ZONG sim. Here how you can get that

  1. Dial *3366# on your dial pad from ZONG sim
  2. Data: 10GB (Flat Internet)
  3. You must have 10 rupees in your account
  4. The data is valid for 7 days
  5. There is no time limit you can use this all day
  6. Usage: (24 Hours)
  7. Terms and conditions are applied

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  1. ZONG 3 Days CVM

There is an another ZONG CVM package for 3 days you can get 1GB Data for rupees 10. This data is valid for 3 days you can access internet from this package.

  1. Dial *3331# on your ZONG sim and gets 1GB Internet
  2. Data:(MB 1000)
  3. Validity (3 Days)
  4. You can use this mb for internet
  5. Usage:(24 Hours)
  6. T&C Applied
  7. Price: Rs 10

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  1. ZONG TikTok CVM

ZONG has introduced TikTok offer for TikTok lovers. You can get 500 mb TikTok mb only in 5 Rupees. This offer is working on limited numbers.

  1. Dial *3388# on your ZONG Sim and get this offer
  2. Data:(500 MB TikTok)
  3. Usage:(24 Hours)
  4. Price:(Rs 5)
  5. Validity:(1 Day)
  6. T&C Applied

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  1. ZONG WhatsApp CVM Offer

Zong has announced the best light weight WhatsApp package for everyone in just 5 Rupees.

You can get 500 MBs for WhatsApp use only

  1. Dial *3399# on your Zong sim
  2. Data:(500 MBs WhatsApp)
  3. Usage:(24 Hours)
  4. Price:(Rs 5)
  5. Validity:(1 Day)
  6. T&C Applied

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  1. ZONG Off Peak CVM Offer

Zong off peak CVM offer is for only 24 hours usage package you can subscribe this offer to get unlimited data for 24 hours

  1. Dial *3355# on Zong sim
  2. Usage:(24 Hours)
  3. Price:(Not Confirmed)
  4. Data:(Not Confirmed)
  5. Validity:(1 Day)
  6. T&C Applied

Article written by Zeher Hassan. You can follow me on all social media handles

All the above information is correct on this time. Some of the package will expire after sometime. Follow www.zeherhassan.com for more latest information.




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